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Once you've placed your order in the seller's webshop, the order needs to be fulfilled by the seller. Biller buys the receivable, carries out the dunning and collection procedure for the seller, and takes over the seller's accounts receivable for each purchased receivable. In other words, Biller takes care of the payment request. For all order-related questions as well as the shipment status, we kindly ask you to contact the seller's customer service team for further assistance.

Biller will start sending the payment request to you, the buyer, to ensure that no due date will be missed. For all questions about your payment request, Biller's support team is available to provide support, guide you through the process and make sure you will have an answer to your question. We're happy to assist you via e-mail on support@biller.ai or give us a call on +31854011797.

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