What is Biller?

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Biller is the buy-now-pay-later solution for businesses and is designed to serve both the business seller and buyer optimally. With Biller, businesses buy now and pay later, with the convenience of consumer payment. As a buyer, you benefit from a startup's innovation and speed, combined with a market leader's reliability and experience.

To offer convenience and speed to the B2B buyer and seller, Biller uses the power of AI. Thanks to innovative technology, the necessary credit check is done in a matter of seconds. This technology increases the acceptance rate and does not exclude sole proprietors. Thus, making buy-now-pay-later available to a larger group of potential customers. Therefore, in addition to convenience, Biller also ensures more turnover and growth.

Curious to hear more? We look forward to meet you! Reach out to us on info@biller.ai.

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