Why is my order not approved?

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Biller performs a fraud and credit check on each purchase. If your order is not approved, this could be based on various reasons:

  • Your credit limit is exceeded. Do you have any open payment requests with Biller? Make sure to pay these first.
  • Your purchasing history with Biller. If you've missed multiple deadlines or paid too late, this could influence your eligibility to select Biller as your payment method. 
  • The provided company details. Double-check if your eligible to purchase orders on behalf of the company as well as if the provided details are correctly spelled. Also, make sure that your company details in the company register (for example, KVK) are updated. 
  • The order value in your cart. Depending on the above factors, as well as the review of your company details, the maximum order value could be limited.

Tip! Make sure to use the same company details in the checkout as registered in the company register for optimal search results. 

If you have questions or concerns regarding your denied purchase, please contact our support team via support@biller.ai or give us a call at +31854011797.

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