My customer disputed an order. What should I do?

Lisa van Dijk
Lisa van Dijk
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For the following dispute reasons we ask the buyer to first find a resolution with you, the seller. If no solution can be found, Biller will step in to further investigate the situation and effectively resolve the dispute together with you and the buyer.


We will first collect some more details from your buyer and depending on the result, we will reach out to you and collect the requirements needed to resolve the dispute. For the dispute types mentioned below, it's crucial to provide information to Biller, if requested, within the provided deadline. If no reply is received within the given timeframe, Biller is forced to close the dispute in favour of the buyer.


Returns: the buyer returned, partially or in full, the products to the seller

Products not received: the buyer did not receive the products, yet the payment request is already received.

Incorrect invoice: the invoice is showing incorrect prices

Faulty products: the buyer received broken, incorrect or missing products

Invoice already paid: the buyer claims that the invoice is already paid to either Biller or the Seller directly


We understand that disputes, sometimes, can turn into difficult situations with your customer. If you need any assistance on how to resolve the dispute or if you have any questions about our dispute policy, please contact We're happy to assist you further.


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