How can I prevent disputes from happening in the future?

Lisa van Dijk
Lisa van Dijk
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Handling disputes can turn into complex situations, hence it’s important to do as much as possible to prevent disputes from happening. Therefore, you can help your customers to make this process easier by exposing the customer support contact details (and if possible, channels) clearly on your website. Next to that, fast support helps to decrease the escalation and calm down the overall situation with the customer.


Make sure that the policies of your webshop are clear to the customer before the order is created. Is the return policy easy to find? And, are the requirements clear for the customer in case a product needs to be returned?


We ask you, the seller, and the buyer to find a suitable solution from the moment the buyer reported the dispute to Biller. We strongly advice you to try as much as possible to work on a solution with the buyer, to prevent the involvement of Biller from happening.


Do you have any questions about Biller's dispute policy or do you need some advice on how to handle disputes? Feel free to contact our support team who are happy to assist you further via or give us a call +31854011797. 

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