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Lisa van Dijk
Lisa van Dijk
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Select Biller as the Buy Now Pay Later solution for your B2B customers via your Pay. integration. Find some quick answers to the frequently asked questions below. 


When can I start using Biller via Pay.?

  • We're currently in the testing phase, and plan to go live in Q4 2022! So if you'd like to be one of the first to test Biller via Pay., please get in touch!

Where can I sign up with Pay.?

  • Simply create an account at Pay. right here!

Do I need to sign a contract with Biller?

  • The contracting is done by Pay., thus there is no need to sign an additional agreement with Biller.

How does the integration work?

  • Similar to any other payment method. Pay. acts as your Payment Service Provider. You simply integrate Pay. and automatically benefit from all the features Biller provides once signed up for our payment method. Pay. will send you more details concerning the integration. 

I have a question about my settlement. Can I contact Biller?

  • We settle out to Pay. and Pay. settles the payment to the merchant. Therefore, all your questions about payouts and settlements should be sent to Pay. instead. Click here to see Pay's support contact details. 

I have a question about a dispute. Who should I reach out to?

  • You can reach out to both Biller and Pay. when it comes to disputes. In the situation that the buyer opens a dispute, it can happen that Biller will reach out to you to request more information. 

My customer has questions about Biller. What should I do?

  • In case you cannot provide an answer to the buyer, feel free to share Biller’s support details as the support team is more than happy to assist further. The buyer can reach out to, give a call to 085 401 1797 or have a look on our Help Center. 

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