What is Open Banking?

Lisa van Dijk
Lisa van Dijk
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Biller is powered by Banking Circle and funded by EQT. This means that we leverage a full banking license, enabling payments across Europe. Our solution is built on top of Banking Circle’s financial infrastructure which already processes more than 6% of all European e-commerce transactions. To offer our solution to as many business consumers in Europe as possible, Biller launched the Open Banking flow. 

Following an Open Banking (OB) strategy, allows Biller to get instant access to your business’ bank account information including transactional data. No worries, Biller only does this as soon as your consent is provided to Biller in the checkout of your favourite webshop. If you’re a sole trader from the United Kingdom, or your company cannot be found after reviewing your submitted business details, Biller will provide you the alternative option to connect your bank account with our Open Banking flow through Yapily’s API. In other words: a secure review of your company with even higher chances of buying now, and paying later using Biller as your payment method due to the increase in credit limit and detailed identification of your bank account details.

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